Personal Debt Strategies

PDS is a leader in financial counseling and education. On every phone call, our dedicated and professional staff of Debt Elimination Specialists provides a free debt consultation to consumers in financial distress. Our goal is first and foremost to learn about your unique situation and educate you about the options available to you. Then, upon matching you with any available solutions, if we can help to improve your financial picture, all the better!

Based on a preliminary financial assessment which includes a budget worksheet; we then recommend the optimal financial solution and appropriate program. Depending on the level and type of need, we then match a particular consumer with either a Debt Management or Debt Settlement plan or Mortgage Loan Service.

We offer (4) primary debt relief options to financially distressed consumers and specialize in reducing and ultimately eliminating the consumer debt of our clients.


Debt Management Program

Debt Settlement Program

Mortgage Loan Service

Pre-Paid Legal Services


Get Started Now!
5 Steps to a Debt Free Future!

Find out how easy this process is. Below is the basic 5 step program that will allow you to complete the easy step by step guide from PDS.

Step #1 - Free Consultation:

One of our highly trained and professional Debt Elimination Specialists will work with you to gain a better understanding of your current financial situation. During this thorough financial assessment, our Debt Elimination Specialist will learn about your household information, complete a full budget worksheet, and gather all of your creditor information.

Step #2 - Analysis:

At the conclusion of the analysis; our Debt Elimination Specialist will be in a position to recommend the best financial solution that will enable you to become completely debt free in the quickest time frame possible. Remember, here at PDS we offer personalized, one-on-one financial coaching that is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Step #3 - Enrollment:

Your Debt Elimination Specialist will let you know what your new, lowered monthly payment will be and then take the necessary steps to get you enrolled and start receiving help today! At this time your Debt Elimination Specialist will also explain other supporting financial tools to you that will help you budget and save even more money each month!

Step #4 - Action:

Once you are enrolled on one of the PDS programs; qualified Debt Elimination Specialists will work hard for you on your behalf so that you can begin receiving benefits as soon as possible. Contacting your creditors, negotiating better repayment terms and interest rates, reducing or eliminating late and/or over the limit fees are just a sample of the work that is done for you.

Step #5 - Results:

Simply keep making your monthly payments on time and you will be on the road to a better credit rating, stable finances and eliminating your debt! Your Debt Elimination Specialist will be in constant contact with you to check in, monitor your progress, and see how well you are doing.